OREANDA-NEWS  A new shipbuilding enterprise will be established in the Far East, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced.

"Our shipbuilding cluster is actively developing. A lot has been done in general, but more needs to be done. The management of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and I have just discussed what and where to build. They have a need to create new businesses... We came to the conclusion that we will create the next enterprise in the Far East," Putin said at a meeting with residents of the Far East.

He added that in order to attract specialists of the right level, it is necessary to create conditions.

"We have kept the mortgage at 2% and will keep it that way... And we are expanding it, including for its participants. We will create attractive conditions for other specialists: doctors, teachers, cultural workers. We will work on a broad front and I hope that all the plans we are talking about will be fulfilled," the head of state stressed.