OREANDA-NEWS. August 16, 2013. Incheon International Airport Corporation and language- culture interpreter volunteer service organization BBB Korea held ‘Incheon Airport BBB-Day Campaign’.

BBB movement is the one and only mobile phone-based interpretation service in the world, which is functioning thanks to the talent donation of the volunteers. Anyone, regardless nationality, if chooses one of the 19 offered languages using ‘1588-5644’ call-line or ‘BBB-app’ on their smart phone will be connected with volunteer’s phone to receive a charge-free interpretation service.

This year BBB PR-group, holding such a campaign for the 4th time, met Incheon Airport’s visitors and shop workers wearing traditional clothes of more than 30 countries and explained the way of using BBB service. Also, Incheon Airport support message writing etc. events were carried out through BBB web page (www.bbbkorea.org) and mobile web (m.bbbkorea.org).

* BBB : Language – Culture Volunteer Organization, which dreams about world without language barriers.