OREANDA-NEWS. Hostel built for Udmurtia Solemn ceremony of opening of a modern and comfortable hostel for students of Oil and Gas Institute named after Mikhail Gutseriev took place on August 27.

The new building of Udmurtia State University Oil and Gas Institute was opened in Izhevsk two years ago. The Institute was eventually named after Mikhail Gutseriev, its sponsor. It was built and equipped thanks to a large-scale investment from NK RussNeft and personally Mikhail Gutseriev, its President. Funding of construction and equipment of lecture rooms and laboratories was done under a cooperation agreement between the oil company and Government of Udmurtia Republic.

The Institute is designed for 600 students. The professions given in the Institute are in demand both in Udmurtia Republic and in other oil producing regions of the country.

Mikhail Gutseriev, President of NK RussNeft, and Aleksandr Volkov, President of Udmurtia, agreed to build a comfortable students hostel at the opening of the Institute.

The new 9-storey building for the oil students was also funded by Mikhail Gutseriev. It is designed to accommodate 340 people and fully covers the needs of the Institute. The building is located near the Institute and has all modern conveniences. It has spacious and light rooms, kitchens, canteen, buffet. A gymnasium is also provided to promote the healthy life style among the students.

Support from OAO NK RussNeft and personally Mikhail Gtseriev, its President, significantly helped the higher professional education system in Udmurtia. It will eventually allow to elevate the oil industry professionals preparation to a higher qualitative level and create basis for a federal scientific research centre at Oil and Gas Institute named after M.S. Gutseriev.