OREANDA-NEWS. The St. Petersburg Tractor Plant (a subsidiary of the Kirov Group) has opened a new facility for the production of plastic products. The facility will help meet the demand for plastic parts at the plant, and lower the costs of polymer parts by 30%.

The new facility will help meet the needs of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant's required plastic components and will allow the company to discontinue the purchase of polymer products from external manufacturers. The new plant already produces air filter connectors, roof connectors, and many other parts used in tractors. In 2014, the plant will begin manufacturing fenders, hoods, various plastic parts of the body frame, and complex elements used in its vehicles' interiors. Currently, the design department is working on creating the documentation necessary for the manufacture of more than 20 plastic components used in their tractors.

The new facility will help the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant to save up to 30% on the costs of plastic products manufacturing. The products manufactured by the new plant will also be used by the other subsidiaries of Kirovsky Zavod and other external customers.