OREANDA-NEWS. December 06, 2013. By the results of the All-Russian contest "100 Best Goods of Russia" in 2013 two models of KAMA EURO tires: 129 195/55 R15 and 205/55 R16, manufactured by JSC "Nizhnekamskshina" were nominated award winners in the category "Industrial manufactured products".

Awarding of the winners of the Republican contest "Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan" and the All-Russian contest "100 Best Goods of Russia" in 2013 took place in Kazan City Hall (Kazan).

There were 439 different products and services participating in the contest representing 234 companies from various industries. This year's federal contest had been held in 76 constituents of the country. Tatarstan took a leading position by the number of participants: 54 items of goods and services from Tatarstan had become winners, while 114 had become diploma holders of the All-Russian "100 Best Goods of Russia" contest.

The winners of the Republican stage had been nominated to participate in the federal contest. According to the Republican stage results 5 tire products of the JSC TATNEFT’s petrochemical complex had been recognized winners: two tire models KAMA Euro - 129 195/55 R15 and KAMA Euro 205/55 R16 (JSC "Nizhnekamskshina"), and three KAMA series N tires: KAMA NR 201 245/70 R19,5; KAMA NF 201 245/70 R 19,5 and  KAMA NT 201 385/65 R 22,5 ("Nizhnekamsk SSC Tire Factory").

JSC “Nizhnekamskshina", a leading tire manufacturer in Russia and CIS, along with "Nizhnekamsk truck tire factory" and "Nizhnekamsk SSC Tire Factory" is part of the tire manufacturing complex of JSC TATNEFT.

"Nizhnekamskshina" manufacture more than 120 sizes car tires of KAMA and KAMA EURO brands. The products of the factory are supplied to the assembly of cars manufactured by JSC "AVTOVAZ", JSC "UAZ", and "Volkswagen Group Rus". The factory is the first supplier in the Russian market, which has homologated tires for foreign car manufacturers, such as Volkswagen and Skoda.

The KAMA EURO brand products include road tires with off-season and winter tread pattern for cars and light trucks. A special workshop with air conditioning and humidification in compliance with all the requirements needed for the production of world-class tires was erected for KAMA EURO tires production. The quality of the products manufactured is controlled by checking the power heterogeneity of tires and durability tests.

Tires KAMA EURO - 129 195/55 R15 are supplied for the assembly of Volkswagen Polo Sedan cars, while tires KAMA EURO - 129 205/55 R16 are used for the assembly of Skoda Octavia cars. The KAMA EURO tires tread pattern provides high traction on wet roads and low noise traffic on hard surface roads.