OREANDA-NEWS If the sanctions conflict with Lithuania continues, Belarus may block the export of its wood to the neighboring republic after primary processing. The Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko told about such a threat in an interview with the Lithuanian newspaper "Evening News", speaking from the positions of euroscepticism, the Belarus 1 TV channel reports.

According to him, the volume of deliveries in monetary terms is hundreds of millions of dollars. According to Belstat, in 2020 it was about $ 228 million, and last year it was about $ 306.7 million.

Lithuanian woodworking enterprises work on Belarusian wood, after which they export finished products to the EU countries. If supplies stop, then the big question is where Lithuania will take wood and what will become of Lithuanian enterprises, the prime minister stressed.

As the next pressure measures, he called a halt in the import of used clothing and spare parts. "We will simply refuse to import these categories. Where will they take you next?" - said Golovchenko. At the same time, he noted that Minsk does not want to bring the situation to such a state, but just in case warns that there is such a possibility.

Also in an interview, the head of the Belarusian government said that the republic has found a way to supply potash fertilizers, the main source of foreign exchange earnings for Minsk, bypassing Vilnius, which has stopped transit since the end of January.