OREANDA-NEWS  Earlier Vitrenko announced that he would visit the United States and discuss Nord Stream 2 with the senators. “The days when Ukraine was at the epicenter of attention because of the US and German statements about Nord Stream 2, I spend in Washington meeting with senators and congressmen. The result of numerous negotiations - we have powerful bipartisan and bicameral support! Our American partners in Congress fully share the position that Nord Stream 2 threatens the security of Ukraine. Therefore, they are ready to continue to jointly fight against this Russian project. There are still tools for this", - Vitrenko wrote on his Facebook page.

Earlier, Germany and the United States published a joint statement, which refers to measures to support Ukraine, European energy security and common goals to protect the climate. It formulates a number of conditions for the work of Nord Stream 2. In particular, the United States and Germany stated that in the interests of Ukraine and Europe to continue the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine after 2024, Berlin undertakes to use all available means of influence so that the agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine on gas transit would be prolonged. In particular, Germany is committed to seeking sanctions against Russia if it uses energy as a weapon against European countries.