OREANDA-NEWS. American President Joe Biden is unable to restore the image of a "legal transparent democratic state" to the United States. This was announced on Tuesday, January 4, by Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov on his Telegram channel.

Such an image that the United States created in the past was false, the member of the Federation Council said. He stressed that after the scandal that accompanied the US presidential elections in 2020, in which Biden outstripped his rival Donald Trump, this image of America "collapsed completely."

“In light of the revelations about the massive embezzlement of aid to victims of COVID-19, America looks like a disintegrating house of cards. The eponymous series The House of Cards was just about this - about glossy visibility and about the essence hidden behind it - very unsightly, "said Pushkov.

The first season of the House of Cards series was released in 2013. It stars Kevin Spacey, Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actor in The Common Suspects, directed by Brian Singer, and Robin Wright, known to a wider audience for Blade Runner 2049 and Justice League.

The series tells about the struggle of the influential American Senator Frank Underwood for the seat of the owner of the White House. The uncompromising Underwood commits a series of murders in order to get the post of vice president of the country, and later puts the current head of state in a hopeless situation, forcing him to voluntarily transfer his powers to him. Over the course of the series, Underwood advises his colleagues and opponents many times to think about what, in his opinion, you can become president in the United States, while ignoring the will of Congress and the voters. The senator does not believe in democracy and proves to his colleagues many times that victory in the elections does not depend on the support of the country's population.