OREANDA-NEWS The radio and television center in the Lysaya Gora area in Kiev was disabled by high-precision Russian weapons, said the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

"As a result of the strike with high-precision long-range weapons, the backup technological radio-television center in the Lysaya Gora area in Kiev, used by the SBU for psychological operations against Russia, was disabled," Konashenkov said in a message received by RBC.

He claims that as a result of the strike, there are no victims and destruction of residential buildings.

Also, earlier, the Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian Armed Forces took control of the Ukrainian city of Balakleya, located in the Kharkiv region.

The message says that the city has been "Liberated from nationalist battalions."

It is also alleged that the military organized a corridor for the exit of civilians from Borodyanka (Kiev region) in the direction of Berestyanka. "Russian servicemen do not provide any obstacles to the exit of civilians in this direction," the report says.

In turn, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khan announced the beginning of an investigation into possible war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine in recent years.

The investigation into possible war crimes in Ukraine began after the Russian military was accused of shelling civilians.