OREANDA-NEWS. Most smartphone users do not use Russian software, the pre-installation of which has become mandatory since 2021. These are the conclusions reached by researchers at TelecomDaily, having surveyed more than 1,800 buyers of new gadgets.

Many buyers of Apple devices admitted that they did not pay attention to the window with a proposal to install domestic software when they first turned on. Only 16 percent of those surveyed said they had used it.

Users of the new Android smartphones (the survey was conducted among owners of Samsung devices) did not notice folders with links to download Russian software at all - 64 percent of owners said this.

Among the most popular applications that users still download thanks to the pre-installation law are called "Gosuslugi" and "Yandex.Maps". The respondents liked ICQ, Odnoklassniki and Applist least of all.

A survey conducted in Russia back in the spring showed that almost a third of Russian residents are going to remove pre-installed Russian software from their gadgets and replace it with free (and even paid) foreign counterparts. Many Russians, especially men under the age of 55, show distrust in the software of domestic developers. Russian software, according to the new law, is installed on smart TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones, and in total, users will have to remove 28 programs.