OREANDA-NEWS. Reuters agency reported, citing sources, that the ban on downloading video and text messaging apps TikTok and WeChat will take effect in the United States on September 20. According to journalists, the decision will be published by the US Department of Commerce at 12:45 UTC.

Reuters sources in the Department said on condition of anonymity that TikTok and WeChat will be deprived of the platform in the United States. Apple and Google app stores will not be able to offer apps for installation on any platform that might be available from the USA.

According to interlocutors of Reuters, the authorities will not force ordinary users to remove applications already installed on their gadgets, but the lack of updates will make it difficult to use them. In addition, the introduction of a ban on hosting information for WeChat in the United States will lead to difficulties in sending messages. The entry into force of similar bans for TikTok has been postponed until November 12, so users of this service will not have any difficulties yet. The delay is intended to give Chinese company ByteDance an opportunity to complete negotiations on a deal to sell its American business.