OREANDA-NEWS. Kudankulam NPP Unit No 2 has for the first time reached 100% power level.  “This night after completing the physical experiments stage at 90% power level and after obtaining the permission of the Indian regulatory authority, the reactor plant was brought to 100% nominal level of neutron power.  We have reached the last stage of dynamic tests at nominal power.  According to schedule, this stage is to be completed during the first decade of February.  This stage will be followed by 72-hour tests with further transition to the stage of one-year warranty operation of the power unit”, said Mr. Andrey Lebedev, ASE Group of Companies’ Vice-president for projects in South Asia.   

The operations for power increase from 90% to 100% were performed in accordance with the technical specifications.  Currently, after the power unit has reached the nominal power level, it is planned to perform comprehensive dynamic tests for 15 days. The tests will confirm the design parameters of the power unit main system and its dynamic stability in certain modes of disturbance of normal operation.   

Preparation of the units for the first tests is now under way. 

On 29 August 2016 Kudankulam NPP Unit No 2 constructed with the technical assistance of ASE Group of Companies was connected to the power grid of India.

Physical start-up of KK NPP Unit 2 was commenced on 11 May 2016 when the first fuel assembly was loaded into the reactor of KK NPP Unit 2 after completion of all the preparatory works.  In total, 163 fuel assemblies were loaded into the reactor. All the works were conducted jointly by Indian and Russian specialists in automatic mode in strict compliance with the schedule and safety regulations. The permit for loading of the fuel assemblies was issued by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Body of India (AERB) after a detailed review of all the Safety Reports prepared earlier. The loading of fresh fuel into the KK NPP Unit 2 reactor was successfully completed on 19 May 2016. The works were performed in automatic mode in less than 7 days,   4 days ahead of schedule, after which IAEA inspectors supervised the fuel loading and the reactor pressure vessel was sealed. On 28.06.2016 AERB issued permit for reaching the minimum controlled power level. On 10 July 2016 the power unit was brought to minimum controlled power level.