OREANDA-NEWS. The leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Olaf Scholz, answering a journalist's question about Nord Stream 2 at a press conference in Berlin, said that all parties involved in the project must take on guarantees related to its exploitation.

"These include that Ukraine will remain a transit country, that we have made sure that gas supplies do not threaten some countries in Eastern Europe from Russia," the politician said.

He noted that Germany "made significant efforts" to confirm that such guarantees were given and "could be relied on."

The gas pipeline from the Russian coast to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea includes two lines which have a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Gazprom earlier announced the completion of its construction.

Moscow noted that the agreement on gas transit to Europe through Ukraine will remain in force for the entire period of its validity - until 2024. Gazprom does not rule out its extension if it is economically feasible for the state corporation.

Berlin and Washington also signed a statement this year in which the German side pledged to "use all available levers to help" keep Kiev in transit status.