OREANDA-NEWS. Gazprom has ordered capacity for gas transit via the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline through Poland. According to the results of the auction on the GSA Platform, the company decided to order 14% less than the usual volume — 27 million cubic meters per day against the usual 31.4 million.

Earlier it was reported that Gazprom did not book the capacity of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline to transport gas through Poland. At the auction, it was possible to book a capacity of 89.1 million cubic meters, but the offer remained unclaimed, which is why gas prices on the futures market rose to more than $1,700 per thousand cubic meters. Before that, Gazprom refused to book gas transit capacities through Poland immediately for the whole of December, the company expected to use only daily offers.

Carlos Torres Diaz, head of the gas direction at the consulting company Rystad Energy, said that Gazprom strives to sell as much gas as possible at maximum prices, although it is enough for the Russian company to increase the volume of exports of natural gas by 20% so that gas prices in Western European markets halve. These actions of Gazprom may encourage more countries to invest in renewable energy sources in order to «protect» themselves from similar price spikes in the future.