OREANDA-NEWS  Europe's anti-Russian sanctions are responsible for the suspension of Nord Stream's operations, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.The spokesman indicated that Moscow and energy giant Gazprom "have been committed and remain committed to their obligations and contracts," but "simply cannot fulfill them at present because of the restrictions and sanctions imposed by the EU, the UK and by other countries."Peskov clarified that only one of Nord Stream's six turbines is currently operational, with the rest awaiting repairs or unable to be launched due to legal clearance issues.Nord Stream, which is presently the only remaining major route for Russian gas deliveries to Western Europe, saw its throughput slip dramatically this summer after Canadian authorities delayed the delivery of a Siemens turbine necessary for its operation.Russia's other oil and gas pipelines to Europe have also faced problems thanks to restrictions by Brussels and individual European Union countries and their allies, with Ukraine recently turning off the taps of the massive Druzhba oil pipeline taking oil to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Separately, Polish authorities halted Yamal-Europe, a major Soviet-era pipeline network pumping gas to Europe, and put it in reverse flow, buying Russian-sourced gas from Germany instead. Finally, authorities in Berlin have indefinitely frozen Nord Stream 2 - a brand new $10.5 billion gas pipeline with the capacity to deliver up to 55 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe.The reduction in Russian oil and gas deliveries to the EU has resulted in an unprecedented energy crisis across the bloc, with countries taking emergency measures to reduce energy consumption and searching for spare reserves of natural gas to prepare for winter. At the same time, Brussels, Washington and allied media have blamed Moscow for the crisis, accusing Moscow of "using energy as a weapon" and of using it against the West as part of a "hybrid war" over Ukraine. Russian officials have denied these accusations, and expressed readiness to continue penning new energy contracts with the Europeans, pending that EU members which are designated 'unfriendly' over their position on Ukraine pay for gas in rubles.