OREANDA-NEWSPresident of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said Minsk will continue to buy oil from Moscow, the Belarusian media reported. He said that the republic monthly receives about 1 million tons of oil. The head of state cited the corresponding figure on Tuesday at a meeting on ensuring the efficient operation of the country's oil refining complex in 2020 and for the future.

"Some states realized that with the help of the valve on the oil pipe, questions that are advantageous to them are solved much easier. Don't think that I am hinting here only to Russia. This has become the norm for the states of the planet that have such happiness from the Lord. Unfortunately, despite what mutual obligations, this practice has also been applied to Belarus", the president said.

According to Lukashenko, as a result, at the moment, "the country loses about 1 million tons of raw materials per month". "And the point here isn't only that someone grabs the valve. The point is that we are to blame for ourselves that we did not diversify oil deliveries at the time", he said.