OREANDA-NEWS. Federation Council Speaker Matvienko said that European countries may refuse Russian energy resources, RIA Novosti reports. Earlier, she noted that there is no panic in Russia due to the sanctions imposed by Western countries. According to her, against the backdrop of sanctions pressure, the government is working smoothly and in an organized manner.

It cannot be ruled out that Europe will refuse Russian energy resources,” she said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the refusal of Western countries from mutually beneficial cooperation and Russian energy resources has already negatively affected the lives of millions of Europeans, and also affected the United States. In the United States of America, according to him, inflation is going through the roof.

He also added that Russia can increase the consumption of energy resources in the domestic market, as well as increase their supply to other regions of the world.

The day before, US President Joe Biden said that inflation in the country in March was 70% provoked by a Russian special operation in Ukraine. He urged Congress to "fix urgently" the problem of high inflation.