OREANDA-NEWS. It will be difficult for Europe to find a replacement for Russian gas before the end of the year, Alexander Kamkin, a leading researcher at the Center for German Studies at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Radio 1. This is because the gas will be needed for the production of mineral fertilizers and for the chemical industry, he explained.

In the short term, that is, until the end of this year, it will be extremely difficult to find a replacement for Russian gas. Because despite the fact that the heating season ends, the season for mineral fertilizers begins, for the production of almost half of which gas is used. In addition, natural gas is needed for the production of plastics and other chemical products, Kamkin said.

He added that the cost of gas in Europe is breaking records, and, for example, it will be difficult to quickly increase supplies from the United States. In the future, according to Kamkin, Western countries can either continue to use Russian gas or turn to other suppliers.

Earlier, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called on Europe to strengthen sanctions against Russia, including the oil and gas sectors. According to her, the actions of the countries are coordinated on the issue of restrictive measures against Moscow.

A similar position was expressed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He noted that Europe is obliged to make a decision to abandon Russian oil and gas, despite the rather serious pain of such measures. According to him, we are talking about a "prolonged crisis" for which the EU is ready.