OREANDA-NEWS. The ending of the building of Nord Stream 2 is anticipated no later than summer, so there is a chance that Germany will get the first Russian gas via this pipeline also within this period, in the coming summer. This was noted by Pavel Zavalny, the head of the State Duma Committee on Energy, coordinator of the deputy group for relations with the German Bundestag.

Answering the question of when the construction of Nord Stream 2 will be completed "and the first gas will be launched through the pipeline, Zavalny said: "Things are going so that we must complete all the building no later than summer,". It was stated by him at the meeting of State Duma deputies with representatives of the Bundestag, who are the members of the German-Russian parliamentary group.

He noted that at the moment the pipe-laying vessel "Akademik Chersky" has sent to help with the construction, and the building process has speeded up. He added: "And there is a hope that the second string, and the first one, will be laid no later than June, if, of course, the courts of foreign states do not interfere. There have already been such precedents."

The deputy concluded: "Well, we faithfully believe that by the late summer all the work on the building and fitting of the gas supply will be finished, and that by the end of the summer, there is expectation that Germany can get the first gas via this pipeline."