OREANDA-NEWS  Prices for Russian gas for Turkey are still high, and in the coming years the republic expects "more reasonable approaches" from Moscow. This proposal was announced by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Alparslan Bayraktar during a conversation with journalists, TASS reports.

According to him, the parties had previously concluded an agreement on the maximum level of gas prices, so that in case of fluctuations in quotations at the largest European TTF hub, the Turkish side is protected from a sharp rise in prices. Bayraktar admitted that such a condition could be called a discount.

However, in the current realities, Ankara believes that the agreement should be revised. The Minister recalled that Gazprom has always been a reliable supplier, and Turkey is a good and reliable consumer of Russian gas. "However, we must take into account the competitiveness of this issue, I hope we will be able to reach mutual understanding," the official stressed.

In total, he added, Turkey paid $38 billion for gas imports, of which 40 percent came from Russia. The period in question is not specified.

Earlier, sources told Reuters that Russia and Turkey suspended negotiations on the creation of a gas hub due to disputes over control over it. According to them, the process is hindered by some "managerial problems".

Bayraktar denied this information, explaining that during the earthquake and the elections in Turkey, the issue of the gas hub has receded into the background, but now negotiations have resumed. At the same time, he recalled that Turkey has a working gas platform, and the new hub is interesting to it only for the sake of attracting more participants.

In May 2023, Western media reported that Turkey had agreed to postpone payments for $600 million worth of Russian gas until 2024. Fatih Donmez, at that time the head of the Ministry of Energy of the country, acknowledged the success of negotiations on deferred payments, but refused to name the amount and terms agreed by the parties.