OREANDA-NEWS  In the coming months, there may be a shortage of some models of mid-range and premium smartphones in Russia, including the iPhone. Parallel imports were threatened due to new US sanctions prohibiting the import of gadgets more expensive than $ 300, against their background, foreign intermediaries began to refuse supplies. Izvestia writes about this with reference to sources in the consumer electronics market.

In particular, companies from the Middle East that helped Russian retailers decided to stop cooperation. At the same time, we are talking about all gadgets that use American patents and technologies, and there are practically no others on the market. Both Chinese and South Korean devices use US developments.

Another interlocutor of the publication believes that new refusals are a matter of the near future. The issue of the application of sanctions has not yet been disclosed, but it is clear that it increases the risks, and therefore makes cooperation unacceptable for a number of intermediaries.

The manager of one of the Russian distributors believes that it will be possible to circumvent the sanctions, but for this it will be necessary to complicate intermediary deliveries. Such a situation will almost certainly lead to an increase in prices, but it is still difficult to say how much.

At the same time, a source in the consumer electronics market noted that he did not share the optimism of a number of sellers. In his opinion, up to this point, the United States has not been too busy with the issue of parallel imports, but now things will change. Tracking the supply chain until the smartphone is activated is not difficult for Washington, so if desired, it can punish each participant in the transactions, and few will want to take risks.