OREANDA-NEWS. The Association of Sparkling Wine Producers has asked the Ministry of Finance to revise the prices for products and raise them by almost 18% since January, Izvestia reported.

According to the authors of the initiative, a 0.75 liter bottle of sparkling wine should not cost 169 rubles, but at least 199 rubles in retail and 140 rubles when purchased from factories. "Since January 1, the excise tax on sparkling wine has been increased, moreover, the cost of production has already increased. Conscientious manufacturers cannot meet the current minimum prices, making drinks in compliance with the technologies for producing real sparkling wine," the article explains.

According to the calculations of the association, the minimum factory price for a bottle of sparkling wine should be 139 rubles. This indicator includes the cost of production (75.7 rubles), profit of enterprises (7.6 rubles per bottle), increased excise (32.2 rubles) and VAT (23.2 rubles). However, a markup of wholesalers (almost 28 rubles) and retail (33 rubles) is added to the amount.

"The association emphasized that 20% was allocated for the promotion of each link in the calculations, although in reality most wholesalers add at least 25%, and retail - at least 35%," Izvestia emphasized.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance came up with a proposal to increase the minimum retail price for spirits by at least 7%.