OREANDA-NEWS. A specialist in strategic digital risk management BI.ZONE warned Russians about the activation of online fraudsters during the days of sales. The director of the block of expert services of the company Evgeny Voloshin gave advice on protection from intruders, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the expert, scammers often use marketing hype to trick users. “Black Friday spurs interest in online shopping by luring audiences with high discounts. When a person sees an advertisement for discounts on the product he needs, the likelihood that he will click on the link greatly increases, ”he said.

In order not to become a victim of scammers, first of all, you need to check the addresses of the store pages, Voloshin advised. As the expert explained, if the store's website is official, then the HTTPS prefix should be indicated in the address bar, and there should be no typos in the name. In addition, the resource should open without warning of danger and without errors.

The BI.ZONE expert also said that cybercriminals can use ads in search results to lure people to a phishing site. In this regard, Voloshin recommended that users not follow the links of contextual ads and use mobile applications of stores. He stressed that it is as reliable as shopping offline.

If the user nevertheless got to the phishing resource and entered the bank card details, then he needs to contact the bank as soon as possible. “We urgently need to call the bank, block and reissue the card. The money that you transferred to the fraudsters is difficult to return, but it is quite possible to deprive them of access to your account, ”Voloshin said.