OREANDA-NEWS. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at a meeting on Wednesday intends to denounce the CIS agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism. This follows from the draft resolution published on the website of the Cabinet on Wednesday.

An agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism was signed by Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. By agreement, the parties agreed to promote the development of equal and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of tourism through government organizations, national and regional tourism associations, societies, firms and enterprises, to actively support their initiatives aimed at the effective development of tourism resources.

"Based on the analysis of the existing international treaties within the CIS regarding their compliance with national interests, we consider it inexpedient for Ukraine to participate in the tourism cooperation agreement concluded on December 23, 1993 in Ashgabat," reads the explanatory note to the document.

The document notes that one of the parties to the agreement is the Russian Federation, and Ukraine has stopped de facto cooperation with Russia "in connection with armed aggression." At the same time, the explanatory note says that cooperation between Kiev and other countries participating in the agreement takes place within the framework of bilateral treaties.

By the same resolution, the government of Ukraine expressed its intention not to become a party to the agreement on the tourism council of the CIS countries, signed on May 30, 2012 in Ashgabat.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the termination of the agreement with Ukraine on cooperation in the field of tourism, signed in Kiev on July 16, 1999.