World: articles for 17.05.2024

17.05.2024, 16:53
The Estonian government has decided to start designing and building on land plots that were planned to be exchanged with Russia, the ERR portal reported.
17.05.2024, 16:16
Vladimir Zelensky signed a bill on the mobilization of criminals serving sentences in places of imprisonment, according to data on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
17.05.2024, 15:59
Russia's security spending is not critical now, given the state of the economy, and according to some experts, it may be increased.
17.05.2024, 13:35
Qatar is interested in cooperation with Russia on the implementation of the North-South International Transport Corridor (ITC), said Qatar's Ambassador to Moscow Ahmed bin Nasser bin Jasim Al Thani.
17.05.2024, 13:26
British parliamentarian Fabian Hamilton expressed concern about Russia's possible response to London's supply of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine and sent a corresponding request to Defense Minister Grant Shapps.

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