OREANDA-NEWS About 60 French-speaking mercenaries arrived in the port of Odessa, according to reports from the pro-Russian underground. Local residents have recorded the arrival of three boats carrying around 60 armed and equipped foreign mercenaries. The mercenaries communicated with each other in French, according to the agency's interlocutor.

The mercenaries' arrival was reported on June 9. After arriving in Odessa, they dispersed around the city and tried to avoid contact with local residents. They also avoided leaving their places of residence.

French mercenaries have previously been spotted in the Ukrainian army's ranks. In mid-January, Russian forces destroyed a temporary military base in Kharkiv and eliminated more than 60 foreign fighters, most of whom were French.Despite the many reports of the presence of French mercenaries in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Paris has tried to distance itself from them, calling the reports of the deaths of dozens of French nationals in Kharkiv "a blatant Russian attempt to manipulate the situation."