OREANDA-NEWS Germany is outraged by Lithuania's actions to ban the transit of sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad and is asking the European Union to make an exception to the sanctions, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reports, Gazeta.ru reports.

According to the newspaper, Berlin does not share the opinion of Vilnius that the transit of sanctioned goods in Kaliningrad should not be carried out through the territory of the European Union, as the transport is going "from Russia to Russia.

The German government fears that the conflict with Russia could worsen over the transit dispute and that Moscow would "use force to create a land corridor," the article notes.

According to Spiegel, Lithuanian authorities said Thursday that the Germans were pressuring the European Commission not to extend sanctions to Kaliningrad. July 10, the EU may publish a special note on the fourth package of sanctions, which would remove transit from the sanctions. At the same time, Lithuania says it has not changed its attitude towards the sanctions, unlike the EU.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for lifting restrictions on the transit of Russian goods to the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania. According to him, these supplies do not concern imports, so anti-Russian EU sanctions should not be applied in this case.