OREANDA-NEWSUS President Donald Trump responded to a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who announced the impeachment of the head of state. According to the president, this decision by the Democrats can be described as a “witch hunt”. “It's such an important day at the UN, so much work and so much success, and the Democrats deliberately ruined and discredited it with the garbage of new urgent messages from the witch hunt”, he wrote on Twitter.

The President pointed out that the Democrats didn't even bother to wait for the publication of the transcript of his telephone conversations with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, after which there were again talks about the possibility of initiating the impeachment procedure. “Harassment towards the president”, Trump concluded.

Nancy Pelosi announced the beginning of the impeachment procedure for Trump in the evening of September 24. She explained this by saying that the president “seriously violated the Constitution”. The speaker of the lower house of congress noted that the head of state should be responsible for his actions, adding that no one is above the law.

Late last week, the American business newspaper reported that Trump, during a conversation with Zelensky in July, demanded that he begin an investigation against Hunter Biden, the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden (he intends to participate in the presidential campaign in 2020) In response to this publication, Adam Schiff, head of the House Intelligence Committee, said that if Trump’s pressure on Zelensky is proven, impeachment could be the only way out. For the first time, Trump expressed concerns about impeachment at the end of last year, when control of the House of Representatives passed to the Democrats following the results of midterm elections, a media source said.