OREANDA-NEWS. The Bank of Russia denied the information that appeared in the media about the purchase of foreign currency from exporters to curb the ruble from a sharp appreciation. The press service of the Central Bank told Interfax that the information was not true, without specifying any details.

In response to your request, we inform you that this information is not true.

Earlier, Vedomosti reported that the Central Bank returned to buying foreign currency to keep the ruble from uncontrolled strengthening in the short term: demand for the currency comparable to export earnings has not yet appeared on the market. According to the publication, the regulator acquires exclusively foreign exchange earnings from exporters and does this not independently, but with the help of other participants in the financial market.

Meanwhile, it became known that the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia prepared proposals to reduce the requirement for the mandatory sale of exporters' foreign exchange earnings from 80% to 50%. A decision on this could be made by the end of the week.