OREANDA-NEWS The funds of companies in Russian banks in April 2023 decreased by 710 billion rubles, and the funds of the population increased by 604 billion rubles. This is stated in the material of the Bank of Russia "On the development of the banking sector of the Russian Federation in April 2023".

"In April, a significant outflow of corporate funds continued (-710 billion rubles, or -1.5%, in March -1.6%), as well as last month. Both ruble balances (-623 billion rubles, -1.7%) and foreign currency balances (-$1.1 billion, or -87 billion rubles in ruble equivalent, -0.9%) decreased. The main reduction was on the accounts of oil and gas companies in the last decade of the month, including due to the transfer of taxes to the budget (quarterly income tax, tax on additional income from the extraction of hydrocarbons)," the materials of the regulator say.

At the same time, the Central Bank notes that in April the funds of the population increased quite significantly - by 604 billion rubles, or 1.6%, after a moderate increase in March (+0.7%). In part, the dynamics was supported by the advance of social payments before the May holidays and an increase in their size, in particular, due to the indexation of pensions.

The growth of funds in escrow accounts in April slowed down to 2.1% (84 billion rubles) compared to March.