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22.05.2024, 18:14
From the beginning of the year to May 19, Uzbekistan supplied about 156 thousand tons of fruit and vegetable products to the Russian Federation
22.05.2024, 18:07
The Federal Antimonopoly Service has filed a case against MTS due to unjustified price increases. 
22.05.2024, 17:52
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the exhibition of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, which presents projects implemented by ASI, including the strategy for the development of the Azov Sea region until 2040.
22.05.2024, 10:35
In April, Japan increased exports of computer parts to Russia by 5,000% to 1 ton compared to the same month last year, such data were released on Wednesday by the country's Ministry of Finance.
22.05.2024, 00:05
The Russian air defense forces destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the sky over the Bryansk region, the governor of the region, Alexander Bogomaz, said on Telegram.

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