OREANDA-NEWS. Russian intelligence officials are spreading fake news on coronavirus pandemic targeting American audiences amid the upcoming presidential election. This was reported by the news agency Associated Press (AP), citing two sources in the US government.

The publication informs that inaccurate messages appear on three English-language websites. One of the sources said that about 150 articles were published between late May and early July. All of them concerned the reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, supported Russia or denigrated the United States, the journalists’ interlocutor clarified.

According to both sources, fakes about the coronavirus are spread by two Russian senior intelligence officials. They named a website registered in Russia that used the pandemic to promote anti-Western sentiment and disseminated false information: InfoRos.ru. It also manages the websites Infobrics.org and OneWorld.press. Two managers of InfoRos.ru, Denis Tyurin and Aleksandr Starunskiy, previously worked in intelligence service.