OREANDA-NEWS  The developer of artificial intelligence systems Cognitive Pilot (a joint venture of Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies) continues to work on foreign contracts, despite foreign policy factors, said the company's CEO Olga Uskova.

"Nothing has changed yet. When I asked my comrades from former friendly countries why everything is going on, they told me that there are no analogues of our products. We also have a serious presence and a large number of contracts in Brazil and Argentina. Latin America is a zone of our interests, we have also started working in South Africa and China," she told Interfax on the sidelines of the scientific and technical council "Unmanned Technologies in Rail Transport", which was held in St. Petersburg on Friday.

Uskova added that now, due to the foreign policy situation, Cognitive Pilot, despite having contracts, has stopped investing in projects in the United States - "since we do not understand how events will develop further."

"The agreements concluded earlier continue to work. But it's hard for me to say how long it will last. (...) They tell us to our face that we have a toxic origin, but because of our technologies, they continue to cooperate," Uskova added.

In 2021, Cognitive Pilot reported on the conclusion of contracts with companies from the European Union, North and Latin America.

Cognitive Pilot was created at the end of 2019 with Cognitive Technologies and Sberbank. At the same time, the bank received 30% of the company's shares, 70% of the shares belong to the founders and management of Cognitive Technologies.