OREANDA-NEWSMoldovan President Maia Sandu again accused the opposition of having ties with Russia and of destabilizing the situation in the country, calling on the government to "respond decisively to appropriate attempts."

In Moldova, the opposition has been holding protests against rising prices and raising tariffs for gas and electricity for almost a year. The most massive rallies are held with the support of the Shor party. In February, protest events are held within the framework of the "Movement for the People", during which there are calls for the authorities to pay the bills for gas, electricity and heating to the population.

"The Shor group (the opposition Shor party – ed.), under the leadership of the Kremlin, wants to bring destabilization and war to Moldova! I demand that all state institutions fight propaganda and ensure that citizens are properly informed. We must better protect ourselves from Russian propaganda and disinformation, and we will do it," Sandu said in parliament on Friday during a special address to deputies.