OREANDA-NEWS  The big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin has ended. It lasted 3 hours 46 minutes. In the end, he congratulated everyone on the coming New Year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to monitor his health and today he is "all right".

The Head of State traditionally answered the corresponding question of the journalist of the online TV channel at the annual big press conference with a joke: "You will not get it!".

The President stressed that his health "is the same as everyone's." "I, thank God, doing sports, I have everything right, try to follow this health. Just like everyone else, in the off-season can be some flu and something related. But today everything is fine, thank you very much," the Russian leader said.

In addition, Vladimir Putin said that as a decent man someday will have to get married.

The Head of State asked the journalist if he was married. He replied in the affirmative. The President joked: "He's married and wants me to be just like him."

Russian President Vladimir Putin answered the question when he was getting married. In the course of communication with journalists, the Head of State noted that "as a decent person once I will have to do it." This statement was made by the President during his annual press conference.

Earlier, Putin was married to Lyudmila Putin ( Shkrebneva). Their wedding took place in 1983, later the couple had two daughters — Maria (born in 1985) and Catherine (born in 1986).

In the summer of 2013, the couple announced their divorce. Putin said this in an interview with journalists at the state Kremlin Palace, where together with Lyudmila Putin they came to the ballet "Esmeralda". "Our marriage is over because we hardly see each other. Vladimir Vladimirovich is fully immersed in the work," Lyudmila Putin said at the time.​