OREANDA-NEWS. Russia has published its draft treaties with the United States and NATO on security guarantees. These proposals limiting the role of Washington and the North Atlantic Alliance in the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe were published on Friday, December 17, on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The first document includes a provision that excludes further expansion of NATO and Ukraine's accession to its membership. In addition, Moscow offers the Alliance not to deploy additional troops and weapons outside the countries where they were in May 1997, that is, before the accession of Eastern European countries to NATO. At the same time, the possibility of exceptions is provided with the consent of Russia and NATO members.

«The states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization refuse to conduct any military activity on the territory of Ukraine, as well as other states of Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia and Central Asia», the document says. Moscow also demanded not to deploy medium-range and shorter-range missiles at positions from which they can hit the territory of the other side, not to conduct exercises, as well as other mass actions in the agreed border zone and regularly exchange information about military exercises.

At the same time, the Russian Federation offers to confirm that Moscow and NATO do not consider each other adversaries and undertake to resolve conflicts peacefully and refrain from the use of force.

In the second document, Moscow, among other things, called on Washington not to deploy weapons and military personnel where it would be perceived by the other side as a threat to national security, to refrain from flying heavy bombers outside its skies and from the presence of warships in areas outside national waters from where targets on the territory of the other side could be hit.

In addition, the Russian Federation proposed not to deploy medium-range and shorter-range missiles in places from which they can hit targets on the territory of the other side, not to deploy nuclear weapons outside the United States, dismantle already deployed weapons and eliminate the relevant infrastructure.