OREANDA-NEWS. The Turkish Competition Authority has launched an investigation against the American company Facebook and its application WhatsApp due to new user rules. This was reported by the agency Anadolu. The publication informs that the regulator has suspended the new user agreement of WhatsApp.

Earlier it was reported that the press service of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, together with the Defense Ministry, decided to abandon the use of the messenger WhatsApp because of introduction of new rules that oblige users to disclose their data and preferences to Facebook.

It is known that the presidential press office decided to transfer its accounts to another messenger, BiP. It is owned by the company Turkcell.

The decision of the Turkish authorities was met with serious criticism. Over the past few days one of the most popular hashtags in the Turkish segment of Twitter is #WhatsAppSiliyoruz (Delete WhatsApp).