OREANDA-NEWS Kharkov court arrested journalist Elena Boyko, who was  expelled from Russia. This was reported by local TV channel "ATN". The security service of Ukraine opened a criminal case against journalist, under what article, is not specified.

Boyko is known for criticism of Petro Poroshenko's policy. Earlier it was mentioned that she may be suspected of separatism and treason.  As written Zaxid.net with reference to the press Secretary of the Lviv Directorate of the security service Oleg Alexandrov, a journalist will bring to Lviv.

In mid-December, the Transfiguration court of Moscow found Boyko guilty of violating the regime of stay in Russia, fined five thousand rubles and decided to expel her from the country.

In court, the journalist declared that in the Ukraine against it criminal case is brought, so she can't come back.

At the same time, she admitted her guilt. Boyko explained that she came to Russia to participate in television programs as an expert, but did not issue a patent for employment, as the work was of a one-time nature.

In political asylum Boyko refused, on Wednesday she was deported.

The lawyer of the journalist Galina perfileva said that her client continues to challenge the decision to expel and does not abandon attempts to obtain political asylum in Russia.

Earlier, the General Director of MIA "Russia today" Dmitry Kiselev said that the Agency is ready to hire a Ukrainian journalist Elena Boyko.

Thus he noted that to expel it from Russia unscrupulously. In particular, the journalist is known for criticism of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

"This is not a situation where the Russian state can afford to rely on formalities to the detriment of humanism. On the example of our colleague Kirill Vyshinsky, we know how cruelly Poroshenko's regime deals with opposition journalists, " he said