OREANDA-NEWS  Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the board of the Federal Security Service (FSB). During his speech, he called for strengthening the work of counterintelligence, instructed to fight against Ukrainian subversive groups. According to him, the strengthening of the terrorist threat in Russia is connected with the actions of Ukraine and Western countries that use "old friends" on the territory of Russia.

"It is necessary to strengthen the line of counterintelligence in general, because Western intelligence services have traditionally, always actively worked against Russia, and now they have thrown additional personnel, technical and other resources against us. We need to respond appropriately to this," Vladimir Putin said. He added that the Russian-Ukrainian border should be under special control of the FSB border service. Mr. Putin added that the task of the border service is to put a barrier in the way of sabotage groups and to stop attempts to illegally import weapons and ammunition into Russia.

The President stressed that it is necessary to stop and identify the activities of those who are trying to split Russian society, "using separatism, nationalism, neo-Nazism and xenophobia as weapons." "Now attempts are, of course, the most active attempts to activate all this scum on our land," he said.

Vladimir Putin also instructed the FSB to strengthen control over the implementation of the state defense order and the provision of troops who participate in military operations in Ukraine. Mr. Putin called on the FSB to respond immediately to the facts of illegal use of budgetary funds allocated for these purposes.

Mr. Putin demanded to stop the use of the Internet and social networks to involve young people in extremist activities. He also called young people "the most vulnerable category" that can fall under the influence of extremists. "Of course, work should continue to identify and suppress the actions of those who use the Internet and social networks to promote and ideology of terrorism and extremism, who are trying to involve our citizens in terrorist groups," he said.