OREANDA-NEWS  Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the military-industrial complex organizations maintain a stable pace, the volume of production of armored vehicles has doubled, but it is necessary to increase the production of counter-battery warfare and air defense.

"Following the results of eight months of this year, the military-industrial complex organizations managed to maintain a stable pace of work, not only to fulfill the delivery schedule as a whole, but also to multiply the output of military products in certain areas," Putin said at a meeting of the military-industrial commission in Izhevsk.

He said that the volume of production of the main types of armored vehicles has more than doubled compared to last year, "and especially popular weapons of destruction - three times."

"At the same time, it is necessary to increase the production of counter-battery warfare and air defense," the Russian president said.

The Head of State also invited the participants of the meeting to analyze the schedule of deliveries this year of particularly demanded samples of weapons, military and special equipment, as well as to determine priorities for the next year.

He noted that the working group of the military-industrial commission is constantly monitoring the implementation of the delivery schedule. The coordinating Council under the Government is also active. "I should note that there are results," Putin said.

The Head of State also stated that the formation of the state armament program for 2025-2034 is already underway, it should provide for an increase in the production of military equipment and weapons in connection with the current situation.

"The formation of a new state program is currently being conducted by the Ministry of Defense together with state customers and interested federal executive authorities. Based on the relevant decision that I have made, the program will start operating from 2025. At the same time, due to a number of factors, the needs for weapons, military and special equipment are significantly increasing. This is due to the conduct of ITS, unprecedented sanctions pressure on Russia and the growth in the number of our armed forces, the emergence of new units and formations," Putin said.

In this regard, the President noted, "it is necessary to clarify the initial data for the formation of the draft program, the volume of its resource provision."

Putin stressed that "a number of financial issues remain unresolved." "Today I propose to discuss them and make a balanced decision taking into account the economic opportunities of the state," the president said, recalling that the preparation of the budget for next year and for three years is in the final stage.

Putin noted that "we must look ahead, look beyond the horizon." The President added that the state armament program is "one of the key strategic planning documents, which is of fundamental, decisive importance for strengthening Russia's defense capability and security."

"The systematic, consistent implementation of the state program makes it possible to improve the technical and combat potential of all law enforcement agencies, develop and launch promising models of weapons and equipment into mass production," he concluded.