OREANDA-NEWS   Historical memory must be preserved so that we can respond in time to emerging threats to the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said and assured that the state will make all necessary efforts to preserve historical memory.

"When you talk about the need to preserve historical memory, I have already said: I fully support this, we will do it at the state level, we will do it persistently, including so that nothing happens again," Putin said at a meeting with veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the blockade. According to the president, many things are really forgotten. "Maybe I will say an unusual thing, although there is nothing unusual here.

This is some kind of protective mechanism of nature we have. A person forgets everything bad very quickly. The new generation already perceives everything that happened before the birth of a person, some historical events, (as) that have nothing to do with him anymore. And in order for a person to understand that this is not the case, we certainly need to do this," the head of state said.