OREANDA-NEWS Attempts are being made to exclude Russia from the framework of international cooperation through Interpol, Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said during a meeting with Prosecutor General of the Supreme People's Prosecutor's Office of the People's Republic of China Ying Yun.

"The politicization of international law enforcement cooperation is extremely counterproductive. What we are facing today through cooperation within the framework of the international police organization Interpol is attempts to exclude the Russian Federation from the framework of international police cooperation," Kolokoltsev said. A fragment of the video from the meeting was provided to RIA Novosti in the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

According to him, in particular, there are various restrictions, concealment of information about wanted criminals by other states, non-fulfillment of Russian requests.

"The Russian Federation has never been seen for any nefarious purposes in cooperation with foreign partners within the framework of Interpol," Kolokoltsev added.
In April, Kolokoltsev, at an expanded meeting of the final board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reported that the agency continues to cooperate effectively with Interpol, despite attempts by the West to limit this communication.