OREANDA-NEWS  The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, Yana Lantratova, proposed to issue certificates for the purchase of cars to large families with four or more children. A certificate of 1 million rubles should be enough to buy domestic cars, the words of Lantratova are quoted by Izvestia.

The deputy said that the measures in force in Russia to support the birth rate are insufficient, and the problem of demography is still relevant. As an example, she cited Rosstat data, according to which, in 2022, the population in the country fell by 555 thousand people.

According to the author of the initiative, many families want to buy a car and need it, but they do not have enough money for it. At the same time, the certificate in the amount of 1 million rubles will be enough for them to buy a new Lada Granta or Niva Legend from AvtoVAZ.

Experts questioned the ability of the domestic manufacturer to meet the demand: according to the vice-president of the National Automobile Union Anton Shaparin, large families need a big car, and in Russia the choice is small: this is either a Gazelle or a Largus, which is not currently being produced.

At the beginning of February 2023, State Duma deputies proposed to give Russians the opportunity to spend matkapital to buy a car. The author of the bill, the head of the Committee on family, Women and children Nina Ostanina noted that the car must be new and manufactured in Russia, while it must be registered as the property of the mother of the child or children.