Culture and leisure: articles for 25.07.2019

25.07.2019, 23:00
In St. Petersburg, the design of a new building for storing documents from the Central State Historical Archive and the Central State Archive of Literature and Art began. 
25.07.2019, 16:48
A trailer of a Russian serial about the events in Chernobyl, filmed by the NTV channel, has appeared on the network. 
25.07.2019, 15:30

Russian hip-hop artist Vasily Vakulenko, among the people - Basta, became the most successful musician in Russia according to the Forbes version.

25.07.2019, 11:06
In the first place - the champion of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) in lightweight champion Habib Nurmagomedov
25.07.2019, 11:04

Soon the new Quentin Tarantino film “Once in Hollywood” will be released, where the audience will see for the first time a duet of two Hollywood actors.

25.07.2019, 10:52
The Russians can use bows and crossbows for hunting, registering weapons with the Rosguards.
25.07.2019, 09:59

Shocking showman Stas Baretsky said that in the film “Brother 3” Hollywood star Mickey Rourke will play. In a month, the 66-year-old artist will fly to Russia for filming, reports

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