Culture and leisure: articles for 02.08.2021

02.08.2021, 17:30
With the help of malware, attackers gain access to any personal data of users including logins and passwords from online banking applications
02.08.2021, 15:21

Participants of medal matches are being determined at the Olympic football tournament among women's teams  as BelTA reports.

02.08.2021, 14:00

The actor died at the 79th year of life

02.08.2021, 13:11
Sifan Hassan from the Netherlands won the 1500m semifinal at the Tokyo Olympics.
02.08.2021, 12:59

Now the ex-wife of the actor must prove that the seven million received as a result of the divorce, she spent on charity.

02.08.2021, 12:41

Because of the lockdown, many of the training regimes were disrupted, so almost half of the people surveyed who were actively involved in sports before the pandemic are now depressed and suffer from a lack of motivation and a lack of self-confidence.

02.08.2021, 09:51

The day before, the athlete reached the final of the obstacle course  but could not continue his performances.

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