OREANDA-NEWS Russian Russian Art Museum in Malaga was saved from possible closure by a British enthusiast who offered to exhibit her private collection of 76 paintings by Russian artists, the British newspaper The Guardian reports.

The works, dating from 1876-1980, belong to Jenny Green. She started collecting works of Russian painters 20 years ago. The collection has not been on public display before. It includes works by Alexey Venetsianov, Ivan Aivazovsky, Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov, Vasily Kandinsky, Zinaida Serebryakova, Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, Lev Bakst, Alexander Benois, Pavel Chelishchev, Sergey Yesayan.

The Museum of Russian Art, located in the building of a former tobacco factory, was founded in 2015. It became the Spanish wing of the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg and its first European offshoot.

The project in Malaga in 2022 was under threat of closure. Russian Russian Avant-Garde, Mayakovsky, the Artist and the Poet, and Dostoevsky for his Bicentennial were four exhibitions opened at the time of the beginning of the museum: "War and Peace in Russian Art", "Russian Avant-Garde", "Mayakovsky, the Artist and the Poet" and "Dostoevsky for his bicentennial". Initially, the museum hoped that the works would be preserved, but in early May the exhibits were returned to Russia.