OREANDA-NEWS. Modern TV shows with Russian artists Leontiev and Rotaru are watched by the same audience that celebrated the New Year under these programs back in the eighties. This opinion was expressed by the former director general of the Russian state television and radio broadcasting company "Ostankino" Eduard Sagalaev. His words are quoted by the publication URA.ru. 

“I have nothing against either Leontyev or Rotaru. But when they sang in 1988 on the New Year's light, and the same performers are singing now, it is, of course, a little funny, a little sad. This suggests that the tastes of our public have changed little. Now Channel One, Russia and NTV are competing with each other. I find it funny to watch them pull the same stars to them. At the same time, you can see how Philip Kirkorov sings on different channels. "

In the current reality, modern concerts are not designed for a young audience.

“The age of the audience is 60+, for which all this is being done. Now there is a rating, it works in fragments, by audience. It is calculated for 60+ ”.

Sagalaev noted that the technologies for creating programs have changed a lot, the quality of special effects and graphics has stepped forward. Nevertheless, the former general director of Ostankino believes that those shows had their own special atmosphere.

“All the celebrities felt at home there. Although they say that instead of cognac there was tea, I don't know, I haven't tried it. But the champagne in the glasses was real. But most importantly, there was a different atmosphere created by both the presenters and the participants. What is happening now on New Years is a parody of that New Years ”.