OREANDA-NEWS. French law enforcement authorities have launched an official investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and rape against actor Gerard Depardieu. The investigation was launched in December, but it became known about it only on Tuesday, February 23, from a report by the «AFP» news agency. The young actress and dancer, according to this report, accuses the 72-year-old actor, that he twice committed sexual acts on her in his Paris apartment in August 2018.

The actress in August 2018 filed a police report, but the investigation was terminated in June 2019 due to the lack of evidence of Depardieu's guilt. In August 2020, the actress filed a more backed-up lawsuit demanding a new investigation. Depardieu's lawyer said his client completely denies the charges.

On January 5, 2013, Depardieu got a Russian passport during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi. Earlier, it was announced that he was becoming a Russian citizen. Depardieu asked for Russian citizenship after disagreeing with the French government's intention to introduce a 75% luxury tax in the country. The actor's decision caused a wide public outcry in France.