OREANDA-NEWS In Milan, Italy, a hurricane tore down the roof coverings from two ancient buildings. Wind gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour affected the building of the Central Railway Station built in 1931 and the castle of Castello Sforzesco erected in the XV century, RIA "Novosti" writes with reference to the mayor's office of the European city.

Nothing is known about the number of victims and the amount of damage. Special corridors for access to the station were equipped at the station for the safety of passengers, and the historical complex was completely closed to tourists.

The city authorities also restricted access to parks and urged residents not to go out into open spaces, not to move around the streets unnecessarily, and when using personal transport to avoid tree-lined streets and areas near construction sites. According to eyewitnesses, the wind has already knocked down several trees.

The Department of Urban Transport (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, ATM) reported that fallen branches in some cases damaged the wires feeding the Milan tram network and blocked the road to some buses.

In October 2021, a hurricane hit Moscow and damaged one of the walls of the Kremlin. The wind turned out to be so strong that it demolished the scaffolding installed for restoration and tore off one of the battlements of the fortress. The force of the gusts then reached 20 meters per second.