Museums and monuments protection

05.05.2022, 13:11

Due to difficulties in transportation, the return to the country of all paintings, graphic works and sculptures lasted almost 20 days.

08.04.2022, 10:56

The polotician hopes that the issue of returning the exhibits to Russia will be «successfully resolved».

31.03.2022, 13:04
The recommendations were published in the journal «Aktion Culture» — a periodical for all cultural institutions from museums and theaters to libraries and schools.
03.03.2022, 10:06

In Moscow, QR codes and restrictions on coronavirus in the fields of sports and culture will be canceled from March 3, Mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin said.

07.02.2022, 17:32
In Milan, Italy, a hurricane tore down the roof coverings from two ancient buildings.
26.10.2021, 16:20

A monument to the soldiers of the Romanian army who fought on the side of Nazi Germany was unveiled in the Valya Morilor Park in the center of Chisinau.

26.10.2021, 13:46
The Amsterdam Court of Appeal has decided on the ownership of the golden collection of artifacts from Crimean museums.
29.09.2021, 16:12
The President of Ukraine urged to preserve the memory of the Babyn Yar tragedy.
14.09.2021, 18:01
The Russian government will allocate 20 billion rubles for the construction and reconstruction of rural cultural institutions, model libraries, children's theaters and local history museums in the period from 2022 to 2024.
01.09.2021, 14:09
The opening ceremony took place on the Day of Knowledge.
21.07.2021, 15:04

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee voted to remove Liverpool from the list of World Heritage Sites due to the loss of characteristics indicating universal value.

13.07.2021, 15:49

It turns out that the father was planning to improve relations with his son. However, at the last moment, the Prince of Wales decided to abandon this idea.

18.05.2021, 13:49
The funds of Russian museums were increased by 1 million exhibits in 2020.
26.04.2021, 17:23

This opinion was expressed by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

26.04.2021, 15:43

Activists set up a poster with the hashtag #thisisnotArmavir.


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